Messy Kids 2021

Neriah M, 18 Months, SA

Neriah M18 Months, SA

N – Naughty but so cute
E – Energetic and Fearless
R – Rough and tough
I – Independent and Strong
A – Adventurous and Awesome
H – Happy & Beautiful
M – Messy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
0 – On the go….all the time!
A – Amazing daughter
L – Loving and smart
A – Always ready to take on the world

Thanks to all of our messy entries!

Know a little one who
loves their Weet-Bix™?

Thanks for all your entries this year – Australia is chockers with messy kids! We can’t wait to see your little ones get messy again next year, even if they’ll be less little by then.